Happy New Year 2022!

Hi loves, Welcome to 2022!
2021 was  a lot. Weird opening statement right?

I had my moments, moments of realizations, moments of being down, etc but grace  carried me through. I’m so grateful to God. 2022 is definitely greater and bigger and we’re prospering all through. Amen!

I had a lot of reflection, especially in the last quarter of the year and I guess it’s safe to say that come what may,  we’re winning all through 2022!

I’m not so big on resolutions, but I’m definitely one for having intentions and goals for the year. However, sometimes life happens and before you know know it you’re unwillingly and unconsciously playing “Hunger Games” and just trying to survive and make it through  the day or week, and it just becomes an unending cycle.

It’s so easy to lose sight of the things that are important and the goals that you have, until you realize time has ran out and all you can do  hold on so you don’t lose yourself in the process.

This year I’m doing things a bit differently ( this isn’t a new level of “New Year, new me” lol). I have said to myself that I will try new things and go all out for the things I already love and also hold out so that “life” doesn’t happen and make me lose sight of the important things. We’re also going to be developing our finances because we have financial goals and of course, we must have premium passes to the Soft Life/ Baby Girl life, lol.

I’m somewhat a visual person so instead of simply listing my goals, I decided to create a vision board for 2022. Not the physical kind with  the magazine and word cutouts, but a digital version to serve as a visual reminder, especially since we’re practically living on our phones now. I have it as my wallpaper so I constantly have a reminder that I got this!

Although I have a list and in-depth plan on how I want to achieve what I have on my board, I went ahead to create a visual representation of what I wanted. I found that it really helps in “waking” you if you begin to slack at a point in time.

No matter the time you’re reading this, it’s not late to plan how you want your year to be like. It always helps when you have an on-paper, visual example of exactly what you want or envision for yourself.

A tutorial of how I made mine will be up in the next posts just as a guide. Share and tag me when you actually do it!

What plans do you have for 2022? If you have any other way of putting down your goals do share!

Sincerely Riya

2 Corinthians 3:4 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God

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