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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Review : Miracle in a bottle?

I’m fairly new to skincare, but I know Niacinamide is definitely a must have!

I have and am currently using the one with Zinc from The Ordinary. And I must say, I love it!


It comes in a somewhat clear frosted glass bottle with a dropper. It looks great by itself though I’m scared of breaking it . My new bottle fell once and it didn’t break, so I guess it’s durable and it won’t easily break.


It’s a clear not too watery liquid. It feels sticky sometimes and can foam up a bit when you rub it too much. A few drops should be sufficient, however, apply according to your needs.


Drop the serum onto your fingertips. You can drop it unto your palms as well, but it easily vanishes (absorbs). So ideally you would want to drop it on your finger tips and pat it into the areas you want. It absorbs really well, almost immediately as a matter of fact. I personally use it as a spot treatment in the mornings and on my entire face in the evenings as well as an ‘under eye cream’ – lol I’m trying to get rid of dark circles.


1. It visibly fades dark spots over time. You need to be consistent in using it over a period of time else you wouldn’t see a difference.

2. It is gentle, so you should have no problems with sensitive skin – but you should patch test first to confirm.

3. It reduces the appearance of large pores.

4. It improves your skin texture, making your skin feel smoother over time.

5. It is supposed to help reduce oiliness and sebum production.

6. It helps brighten your skin.

7. It is fragrance free and cruelty free.

I really do not know any cons of the product.


I love this product! Like I said I’m on my second bottle. The first bottle lasted me about two and a half months, so that’s great. A little goes a really long way and I learned that along the line. I’m in my third month of using this product and my acne scars have visibly lightened. They are more like brown spots now lol, so hopefully they fully fade away after some time.

I didn’t get any black spots from some breakouts because I used the serum as a spot treatment ( I know it isn’t a spot treatment), but I do that to reduce the pigmentation of the scar that will be left behind, and it’s done so well so far. I only had tiny light brown spots after the breakout – so that’s a trick for you. I realised my pores don’t seem so open anymore, I could legit pass for someone without open pores, especially on my nose, lol.

For the oil control, I haven’t really noticed any significant reduction, my t-zone is still oily. I noticed my skin can get quite smooth, till I break out, so I think it works well for texture ( although I think it works really well with the Cerave SA Renewing Cleanser for texture. read the review here).

It is also fragrance free! And we know how elated I am with no fragrance in my skincare products.

Overall I would say this is an amaaazing product which I will keep using for a foreseeable long time.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! Especially if you have acne or bumpy skin and are trying to clear it. It’s like miracle in a bottle, lol.

Have you used The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% or any Niacinamide serum from another brand before? What was your experience? Do share in the comments!

Sincerely, Riya.

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