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Cerave Renewing SA Cleanser Review: The Best Cleanser Ever?

I stumbled upon the Cerave Renewing SA cleanser when I started looking into skincare. Again, I am new to skincare so these are the first products I have ever used.


It comes in a semi clear plastic bottle with a pump, which is great. It is a fairly smaller – 8fl.oz bottle, which costs almost as much as the 12fl.oz bottle of their Hydrating or Foaming cleanser. I got it for GH¢ 120 Cedis.


It is a little thick, clear liquid. It is fragrance free (we don’t like fragrance in skincare over here – fragrance can be irritating to the skin). It doesn’t really foam up, when it does it’s just a little. Again, a little goes a long way, you may not even need a full pump to wash lol.

Cerave SA Cleanser rubbed in on skin


It’s best to pump it unto your finger tips and cleanse with massage like circular motion with the pads of your fingers. Pro tip, its more effective to cleanse for 60seconds.


1. It helps get rid of texture, revealing smooth skin afterwards.

2. It contains salicylic acid that is a good ingredient for treating acne.

3. It is gentle and cleanses really well without irritating the skin.

4. It contains Niacinamide and Ceramides that helps with the skin texture while protecting your skin barrier.

5. It is fragrance and cruelty free

6. It is non comedogenic

I am not aware of any cons of this product.


I really love this product, I find that it works really well for me. A little goes a long way, though you wouldn’t want to use too little to defeat the purpose of cleansing.

It cleanses my skin really well. I used to double cleanse after a long day out, or whenever I wear sunscreen or makeup, but I use micellar water for my first cleanse now. It leaves my skin feeling smooth after cleansing, and I have seen a massive reduction in the number of breakouts I had when I started out in May. Now I just deal with the few that pop up and those clear in a few days.

I also tend to leave it on after cleansing, and rinse it off after about 5 – 10 minutes. I know that this may not entirely unnecessary because it contains Salicylic Acid, which is a Beta-Hydroxy Acid that tends to do its job in seconds. I recently found out that leaving a rinse-off product on for a while actually helps in the products effectiveness since you’re giving it more time to work.

  This product lasts quite long. I’ve been using my current bottle for about six months now, so it’s worth the price.

Overall, I love this product and how it makes my skin feel after cleansing. It is not only for acne but also to help get rid of bumps and textured skin. I would 1000percent recommend this product to anyone struggling with acne.

I am contemplating on whether to purchase another bottle when I run out or get their Acne Foaming Cream with Benzoyl Peroxide, since they claim it is more potent and directed towards acne mainly.

Have you used this product before? Do share your views and experience!

xoxo, Riya.

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