Natural Hair 101

 Natural hair is simply hair without any relaxer. As a community , we have reached that level where we are more comfortable in our natural fro’s than before. Being natural isn’t as difficult as it sounds . The best way to grow and feel your natural hair is to listen to your hair , take care of it (like you would if you have a million-dollar bag ). This post is to simply guide you to make your natural hair journey an easy one.

1. Protective Style.



 I know you’ve heard so much about protect styling, but what really is it? Protective Styling is simply putting your hair into a style that keeps you from manipulating it too often. It is a key to promote length retention. When you leave your hair without protective styling the everyday combing, running your hands through, simply manipulating your hair causes  your strands to break (trust me I learnt that the hard way). So if you are in your t.w.a stage (I see you all high school leavers and BC ladies), you could rock some twists or braids with extensions if your hair is too short or wear wigs. You could wear crochet braids , weaves, wigs , twists, cornrows, braids with or without extensions if your hair is longer.

2. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!!
 Retaining moisture in your hair is key for thriving hair.  Throughout the day with the activities you do, your hair is bound to lose the little posture it has in it. Therefore leaving your hair and scalp dry, which isn’t good for healthy hair. You can add and retain moisture in your hair by spritzing water from you spray bottle into your hair and sealing in the moisture with any oil of your choice(preferably a light oil like coconut oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil , etc) .

3. Detangling is key
Detangling is removing any locked areas of your hair and making it easy and smooth to run a comb or your fingers through. You should detangle your hair with your fingers first. It makes it less painful and reduces strand loss and breakage. You can use a wide tooth comb or afro comb afterwards. Never use a rat tail comb on your natural hair!

4. Minimize or Ditch the heat
Applying heat to your natural hair may seem like a good idea, Like when you want to stretch your hair and you were too lazy to thread or braid you r hair. It sounds like a really easy and quick way to dry or stretch your hair. What you don’t know is that heat (especially if its too much) tends to break off your hair. You might think your hair isn’t growing but in actual sense you are damaging your hair with heat. You should Lay off all heat tools, or at least minimize your heat usage to when it is really necessary.

5. Stretching your natural hair
In the previous pint I talked about minimizing or ditching heat application especially when you want to stretch your hair. You can use the “African” threading method, which is simply wrapping thread(like sewing thread) around a section of your hair till it ends or braiding you hair in sections. 

6. Don’t leave braids or weaves in
We tend to keep our braids in because we think the longer it stays in , the more our hair grows. Leaving your hair in braids will definitely help to retain length and “grow” your hair. But leaving these in for more than 8 weeks will cause your hair to matte. Trust me you don’t want that to happen as your hair will just break off .

7.Wash your hair 
Washing your hair is verrry important. I mean you don’t want to walk around with smelly natural hair. Nobody wants that. Try to wash your hair once a week and at least 4 times a months. Don’t go washing your hair everyday. Just wash it during the week when you feel its necessary.

8. Styling your hair

Don’t style your hair when it is dry. Dampen your hair a little before you style it to prevent breakage. Make sure to not leave your hair soaking wet. Just a little moisture will do.

   Following these guidelines will help you have a hassle free  journey. Enjoy your fro. Your hair is your crown.

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